Album: Under Giant Trees
Artist: Efterklang
Cover Artist: Nan Na Hvass
Design Studio: Hvass & Hannibal

I came across this album cover for ‘Efterklang’s’ mini-album ‘Under Giant Trees’ in the latest Communication Arts – Design Annual, a design publication that always publishes amazing and inspiring work, and this beautiful cover was a standout for me. So instead of me waffling on about it like a clueless idiot, i thought i’d let […]

Album: Kala
Artist: M.I.A.
Cover Artist: Cassette Playa, Steve Loveridge

Although M.I.A.’s music can easily stand on it’s own, it’s the artwork which really completes the picture. A collage of bright colours, retro patterns and heavily pixelated type can be found in a variety of media, from her music videos, website and fashion to the visuals at her live performances.

Album: Well Deep
Artist: Big Dada
Cover Artist: Oscar & Ewan

I had to do a second take when I saw this. It hits you after a few seconds how smart this cover is. 10 years of Big Dada records and paraphernalia were layed it out in a museum/gallery space to give it a tongue-in-cheek artifact like presence. The art direction is spot on and as […]

Album: Ornamental Etherworld
Artist: Vonnegut Dollhouse
Cover Artist: Jeff Harrison
Design Studio: Rethink Communications

From the obscure Vancouver indie band Vonnegut Dollhouse, comes an impressively crafted packaging piece. The cover design stands on its own too and plays along nicely with the overall concept. Designed by Jeff Harrison of Rethink Communications in close collaboration with the band, the cd unfolds to reveal a dollhouse complete with detailed interiors (that […]