Album: Clubbers Guide To 2007
Artist: Ministry of Sound
Cover Artist: Kristofer Strom

When I saw how awful the latest MOS cover looked with it’s gold and green I realized I was sent their previous compilation and forgot to post it. And it’s much better looking with a better back story. I apologise for being a few months late with this.

Album: Bring on the Comets
Artist: VHS or BETA
Cover Artist: Greg Foley

Someone recently said to someone that album covers are browsed by thumbnail on a web page more than they are browsed by the cover in the store. This was one album cover that caught my eye as a thumbnail while browsing Amazon. It’s also probably why Ween’s Chocolate & Cheese is one of the most […]

Album: Be The Twilight
Artist: Faker
Cover Artist: David Homer & Aaron Hayward
Design Studio: Debaser

Sydney band Faker settled in to Los Angeles during the past northern hemisphere summer to record their second full-length album, Be The Twilight. It’s a collection of songs about the space between day and night and lead singer/songwriter Nathan Hudson’s own fixation with twilight and facing your fears.

Album: Cassadaga
Artist: Bright Eyes
Cover Artist: Zack Nipper

I’d never heard of Bright Eyes before, even with his huge back catalogue out there, but on my two day journey around Sydney to find the deluxe digi-pack version of this album I’ve had three people tell me they are big fans. This was one album I had to own, I had to experience the […]