Album: Madvillainy 2: The Box
Artist: Madvillain
Cover Artist: Jeff Jank

As a huge fan of the original, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Stones Throw have just released a reworking of the classic hip-hop album Madvillainy (2004) with a special box of goodies, or as they much more eloquently put it: “a big ass box full of cool ass shit that you won’t […]

Album: Modern Guilt
Artist: Beck
Cover Artist: Mario Hugo, Unknown

Wow another Beck album so soon. I’ve been so busy lately a street poster had to alert me to the fact this was released. Initially I thought they had forgotten to commission a cover for the album and just used what was lying around for the cover of Modern Guilt. It’s boring, uninspired and so […]

Album: Some People
Artist: Rekleiner
Design Studio: Bunch

The smaller the budget the bigger the restrictions, and the smarter you have to be to solve the client’s problem. This design solution for Murmur Records from Bunch is just that. Iconic, visually arresting and cheap to produce. These debut releases from Murmur are bound to be collectors items.

Album: Rock It, Don't Stop It
Artist: Rafale
Cover Artist: Akroe

I always feel the urge to fake the fact I haven’t heard of these artists in a feeble attempt to sound knowledgeable and up to date. But sadly all I can say is I really like the cover art. It fits perfect with the music while being original and visually striking. It’s also campaignable. I […]