Album: Backspacer
Artist: Pearl Jam
Cover Artist: Tom Tomorrow, Dan Perkins
Design Studio: Ames Bros.

The title of Pearl Jam’s new album Backspacer refers to a typewriter key that went out of use in the 1950’s. Vedder, who still uses typewriters, explains why he picked the title: “”Backspacer [means] actually you kind of have to go back and look at your mistake.”

Album: The Blueprint 3
Artist: Jay-Z
Cover Artist: Dan Tobin Smith, Greg Burke, Nicola Yeoman

Now updated. This striking cover from hip-hop maestro Jay-Z immediately caught our eye and we featured it yesterday. However our readers were quick to point out that we’d only scratched the surface in our review. So thanks to our learned, intrepid and (let’s face it) sexy readers, here’s an updated feature.

Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Artist: Animal Collective

Yes, it’s a jpeg successfully masquerading as a gif.

Album: Infidel
Artist: At War
Cover Artist: Claudio Bergamin

For die-hard fans of thrash, the release of Infidels is a major event. At War were an important part of the underground thrash scenes in the 80’s and were well known for the pro-military themes that run through their work.

Album: Phrazes for the Young
Artist: Julian Casablancas

The lead singer of The Strokes will release his debut album sometime shortly, however the cover art has already emerged. It pays tribute to the iconic dog and gramophone image, best known today as the logo for various music companies, including Casablancas’ label RCA.