This is one of only two albums I have bought without first listening to them and both were just for the CD cover. I got this in 1999 or 2000 and have listened to it once. I’ve since lost the CD but have the case and from memory it was a dull journey into an abient wank factory. But upon my tastes relaxing a little, I’ve found the Adlib track on the artist’s Myspace page enjoyable.

What drew me to the cover was the stark barren design. A few pixel representations of OS8 UI elements scatter the cover and the 8 page booklet. There’s very little info about the album and the website of the label Kraak. The musician is Kristian Peters a German who also works under the alias Novisad which seems to be the most active alias as it has the Myspace page.

Adlib: MCD

The back of the booklet is a tiny radio button.

Adlib: MCD

The booklet itself seems like a waste of paper.

Adlib: MCD

The back cover has some info.

Adlib: MCD

The white cover reminded me of a 1998 or 1999 cover of Wired that was all white with a Braille. It stood out like dogs balls in a sea of multi coloured magazines and that’s what this cover did in the record shop. It was the absence of design that made it work. Now with digital downloads being the big thing and people shopping for their music online, a cover like this vanishes into the background.

Note: I’m too young to have seen the Beatles White album in the shops :)

Adlib Xmas

While searching Discogs I found this 1999 reissue which was limited to 50 copies and sent to friends as an Xmas present. It’s cover is the complete opposite of the original. I wonder if there was more to it than the simple wrapping paper sleeve?

The designer for this was the founder of Kraak records and can be found on Twitter as @DaveDriesmans. For those interested I can be found on Twitter here as @100ftzombie but I don’t Tweet that much about music or design.

Side Note: This is my first post in a while as Alex our new editor has been pumping out all the great the reviews lately. So you’ll notice a sudden drop in the writing skills and grammar.