Air: Pocket Symphony

I initially thought these were life size. It’s only after studying it closely do you realize the small statues are standing on a dinner tray. The duo always feature themselves on the covers and this is probably the most elaborate way they have done it to date.

The back cover is the cover shot from a different angle. Looking at the cover you’d think it’d be in a fancy minimalistic apartment (ie unlivable) but the back photo makes you feel at home, well I do as my place is just as messy.

Air: Pocket Symphony Back

There is even a very slick promo site just for the album. That’s probably the best site I’ve seen just to promote one album.

The sculptures were made by French artist Xavier Veilhan. His site has photos and even work in progress shots of the sculptures being made.

The covers were art directed by “Lili Fleury” and “Laurent Pinon” is also credited for “artwork” although I can’t find any info on either of these two designers.

Air sculptures with hand
AIR sculptures Wooden WIP

It seems they even made wooden ones too. Although these don’t seen to have been used for anything.

AIR Wooden
AIR sculptures wooden

Two singles have been released from the album. Each featuring another photo of the sculptures.

Air: Once Upon a Time

The single “Mer Du Japon” shows a different type of sculpture. This is a low poly version. They look like the dog you put outside. C’mon let the guys in they’re cold.

Air: Mer Du Japon

Here’s the film clip from the single. Nothing too special from these film clips.

It’s funny. I’ve been a fan of AIR for a while but never paid attention to the film clips or the actual band. I always thought it was a female singing. It’s the same for me with Daft Punk. They could be sitting next to me on a plane and I wouldn’t know. Again another French duo.