ALB Mange-Disque

I initially though the packaging for ALB’s album was of a retro sandwhich iron. Yum! I love toasted sandwhiches but Charlie from Discograph informed me it was actually a retro 45 record player called a “Univox Mange-Disque” manufactured from 1975-1980. This made a lot more sense than having the CD package based of a toaster.

Note: Understanding the French language will help you get the most out of this post.

The best part of running Sleevage is finding out about new bands. I’ve become a music encylopedia with ALB being added to the A chapter. For those that don’t know the band here’s a snippet from their bio.

“Oubliez la jeune scène rock parisienne et ses baby rockers clonés, la french touch post Justice, ou encore cette satanée new rave, ALB sont de jeunes musiciens français mais ne s’inscrivent dans aucune de ces modes. Ni aucune autre d’ailleurs. Leur premier album, Mange-Disque sort sous forme de mange-disque orange, avec livret-notice, et autocollants de fausses pochettes 45t, un travail d’orfèvre mais aussi de grands enfants passionnés qui n’en font qu’à leurs têtes.”

Whoops that was the French bio :)

One thing I took fromt he full bio was that the band are big retro gaming nuts. This would explain the classic gaming feel to some of the tunes.

The artwork was designed by the bands lead signer Clément Daquin and his girlfriend/designer Emilie Vast.

“She made the photos for the 12″ covers and the booklet graphism, and i designed/3D modeled the box, and the 12″ covers’s graphism. Everything is home-made, from the conception to the “put in da box”.”

I asked Charlie if the special pack was expensive and did it make a difference having that point of difference.

“The cost per disc is low and yes I do think that the packaging helped generate interest in both press & TV. ” by “The cost per disc is quite high but Rise Recording’s strategy was to have a price in store lower than most CDs. It worked efficiently. Yes I do think that the packaging helped generate nterest in both press & TV. “

Here’s the case sans hand.

ALB Mange-Disque Case

Here’s a couple of photo of what a real “Mange-Disque” looks like. I’m too young to have really got into records. I only had a handful that were handed down to me so I don’t think I’ve ever had or touched a 45rpm record. I vaguely remember a switch on my record player which made the records play fast and thats it.

Univox Mange-Disque
Univox Mange-Disque Blue
Univox Mange-Disque 2

You can actually buy the last one on Ebay here.

Check this gallery for some even wilder mini players. Snakeskin never goes out of fashion.

Rather than explain the packaging I thought I’d let this attratice French TV host do it for me. I don’t speak French but she seems to explain the full pack fairly well.

The only thing she failed to mention was the really cool black CD (Just like a Playstation disc). It’s even printed with thick ink to give it grooves.

Mange-Disque: ALB

The album has 12 tracks and also have a mini album cover for each song. I’m not sure of the reason for this but it’s nice anyway. I asked Clem about the idea behind these.

“The 12″ covers are the beginning of the work. We started by design a cover for each song, like if our first album was a kind of “best of”, a coolection of our best 12inches aronds the years… Some are inspired from cliché-covers, typical from the decade we want to insert our songs in. Then we designed the box as the object missing between these covers.”

ALB Mange-Disque 45 Covers

Here’s an animated gif from the bands Myspace page which sums it all up.

ALB Mange-Disque Animated

They have also released a remix album which is download only I believe. The cover for this reflects the album’s design.

ALB:Mange-Disque Remixes

Also there is a flat designed cover for online stores. As the 3D object doesn’t work as a tiny thumbnail that well.

ALB Mange-Disque Flat

Here’s the first video for the first single “CV-209″ from the album and it’s quite a catchy tune.

The band even volunteered to put the special packs together.

ALB Production Line Mange-Disque
ALB Production Line Mange-Disque

You can spot a limited edition blue prototype version of the cover in the bottom photo.If you spot one of these snap it up as there’s only a handful around.

The bands label Rise Recordings has a few other interesting French bands under their wing. ALB being one of their latest signings.

Useless Fact: An Alb is one of the liturgical vestments of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and many Protestant churches. Source

ALB tunic

ALB is also the stock market code for the Albemarle company. Manufacturer of polymers and fine chemicals, including additives and intermediates used in agricultural and cleaning products and drilling compounds. WOW!

P.S: Also is it just me or is France pumping out a lot of great music lately?