How can you go past a cover like this and not do a double take? The photo was taken from the 1975 Hustler issue seen below.

Hustler Cover 75

It was the pubic hair that caused offence and this cover was later censored to a friendly version seen here below. They even went to the trouble to preserve as much of the flag as possible by digitally removing the pubes. Heaps of fun for that designer.

Amorica Censored

Similar Sleeves:
Thanks to Carlo’s comments which sparked me to do more research on similar covers. Here’s two more covers featuring close ups of womens bits in bikinis.

Here’s Brazil’s answer to Barbara Streisand Costa Gal’s India album from 1973. Her hands seem a lot older than her body?

Costa Gal India

And then there’s Montrose’s Jump On It from 1976. This is another Hipgnosis cover.

Montrose Jump On It

And here’s the cover sans text. The way the designer would have envisaged it.

Montrose Jump On It

There’s also Lords of Acid’s aptly titled “Pussy”.

Lords of Acid Pussy

I dare to ask but are there any other covers out there like this?