Angus & Julia Stone: A Book Like This Cover

You really appreciate it when bands put effort into the packaging of their albums. Angus and Julia Stone, the brother and sister folk act from the Northern Beaches have put together a nice little book for the special edition of their new album. The special edition comes with the album and a DVD of 6 film clips.

I asked the designer what the story behind the artwork was and I got this nice story.

“While at the family farm in Nimbin Australia, shooting the video clip for “What You Wanted”, Julia discovered an old children’s book in the attic belonging to her great grandmother, at the time Angus, Julia and Mitch were working on new songs for the upcoming debut album and were inspired by the three child characters on the cover, thinking they were an ideal symbolic reference to the band and their journey. From there the name “A Book Like This” was spawned.”

The back is the only disappointing part as it’s just a crop of the front cover. Continuing the cover artwork around would have been nicer.

Angus & Julian Stone: A Book Like This Back

The pages of the book are a mix of colour and B/W illustrations. They are quite whimsical and really suit the mood and sound of the album.

Angus & Julia Stone: Bella
Angus & Julia Stone: A Book Like This Book
Angus & Julia Stone: A Book Like This Pict 1
Angus & Julia Stone: A Book Like This Pict 2
Angus & Julia Stone: A Book Like This Pict 3

The album was designed by IOSHVA, who is the brother to the bands drummer, Mitchell Connelly’s, who also happens the band’s photographer. So that’s two sets of siblings working on the album. The band also direct their own film clips too. The illustrations however were done by Caroline Pedler from the UK, who has done a few children’s books.

The filmclip for the first single “The Beast” uses the story book style.