Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible album artwork stood out to me as a harc back to the Americana/Bible Belt days, which is weird as the band is Canadian.

If you’re lucky enough to get the deluxe edition you get the lenticular box set and mini flip books and poster. See below.

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible Flipbooks

The beauty of having an animated cover is that it translates well to the web, the Neon Bible website is quite nice, and also live gigs.

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible Live

Also don’t miss the amazing and original interactive video for the title track Neon Bible.
Arcade Fire: Neon Bible Interactive

Don’t get mixed up and buy the 1995 Neon Bible movie. Or you’ll be sadly disappointed in the same way as you will be with Darren Hayes’ Neon Bird.