Architecture in Helsinki: Places Like These

I must be one of the only person that hasn’t heard of Will Sweeney. He must have been in the issues of Juxtapoz that I didn’t get because my subscription expired.

This original illustration for the latest Architecture in Helsinki album “Places Like These” is a great example of his work.

It reminds me of my MAD magazine days. “Zany” would be a word to describe the cover and it’s not a word I use lightly :) Check the wallpaper if you want a bigger version.

It’s also great to see the band’s official site has also adopted the album’s art look and feel.

Architecture in Helsinki: Heart It Races

The first single of the album “Heart It Races” also features Will’s work. I love the guy on the drums. He’s like a Will Sweeney version of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert.

Dumb Donald AIH

Or as I found on this blog a warrior outfit of the aborigines who live on Orchid Island, a South-East island of Taiwan. Will must have a big National Geographic collection.

You can also enjoy their latest film clip for “Debbie”. Done by the good folks at Mathematics.

Architecture in Helsinki ‘Debbie’ from Mathematics on Vimeo.

Here’s the latest single Hold Music. Also a nice clip.

Architecture in Helsinki – Hold Music from helsinkids on Vimeo

And my new fav filmclip for Do The Whirlwind. Love the song!

Or the first clip from the album “Heart it Races” directed by Kris Moyes which is also just a weird.

Architecture in Helsinki – Heart it Races from helsinkids on Vimeo.

Good to see an Aussie band have some fun with their film clips.