Autechre: Quaristice Limited Edition steel

Limited to 1000 copies and sold out in 12hrs means that if you forgot to check your email that day you would have missed out. Or maybe you were sick with the flu and missed out and are now trawling eBay (only 1 listing) for a chance to get your hands on this limited edition steel case for Autechre’s 9th album.

The design is by The Designers Republic and I don’t there is another company that could sell this design into a client or another band like Autechre that would buy it. Looking at the cover and then being told it’s a TDR piece you say “oh yeah I can see that”. Not knocking their work (big balls to do that) but it fits their M.O if you know what I mean.

If I had to describe the cover to a blind person I’d say “it’s as if a chronic stutterer were in court and the court reporter was transcribing their testimony verbatim with white san serif type on a flat blue background.”

But enough talk from me lets look at some photos courtesy of Martin Dixon Thanks for the use of the photos Martin.

Autechre: Quaristice
Autechre: Quaristice 3
Autechre: Quaristice
Autechre: Quaristice
Autechre: Quaristice

Here’s two more photos from Alex Young

Autechre: Quaristice Limited Edition
Autechre: Quaristice Limited Edition

Autechre: Quaristice

The album was intended to be a digital release (and was a full 6 weeks before a physical release) but in a Clash Music feature Sean Booth was quoted;

“The actual product is the FLAC file – but I don’t object to those who want to own something that they can hold”

As dumb as this sounds it’s the first time I have heard of FLAC. But I’m going to start using that term to seem even more elite. MP3s!! pffttt… I only listen to FLAC and in HD 24/96 too.

The actual Clash Music feature is a good read. This quote from them on the brief to TDR is great

“Our brief was really, really specific” he explained “the idea was to be type based, neat and producty. We knew if we went to our normal designer he’d take the piss as he’s just so creative he’d cut it right down. Designers Republic understood us immediately and the result is stunning”

Can’t wait until I receive a brief with the word “producty”.

The whole limited edition sold direct to fans is something NIN did well recently and for me is the future for many bands. Once you build a critcal mass of followers and you treat them well you can basically use them as a cash generating machine. A free digital album here, a few over priced tickets there and a limited edition USB stick for xmas. Everyone’s happy.

The standard cover is essentially the same design but in blue. Although you lose the complete sexiness of the laser etched steel it still is a nice, if very designy cover.

Autechre: Quaristice

Autechre: Quaristice

Autechre: Quaristice Poster

The poster and other collateral (website, Myspace) all followed the same design style. Here’s a poster (photos by Japanese Forms)

On a final note: Here’s a review from an eager Youtube Vlogger. Try this: Press play and close your eyes. Then half way through open them and see if the guy talking matches his voice. He has a good “radio voice” and I mean that in a good sense. He just looks so young.

For those looking for an actual album review check out Pitchfork or this one on Amazon

Do you think bands will have a future selling “limited edition” physical copies of 100% digitally released albums?

Q: I initially read somewhere about where and how this laser etched cover was produced but now I have lost the link. Can anyone help?

People who bought the standard CD version of the album also got this awesome Limited Edition Autechre hat!

Limited Edition Autechre Hat

Not really I just found this in the office and it reminded me of the album :)

Update: thanks to Mark for his info on the Quadrange EP.AE. I forgot about this when posting.

Each track released as FLAC (lossless audio) had minimalist artwork associated with it, so in iTunes it will change per song. Oh I love this big white square song :)

I have shrunk these down here but you can grab them from Discogs. Is this what you get from TDR if you’re budget is really small. But hey it fits the theme of the other artwork and it ties in with the name. Quadrangle is one of the few shapes I remember from school. I don’t know a rhombus from a trapezoid though.

Quadrangeepae Song covers

They must charge per right angle :)

JAN 23, 2009 UPDATE: tDR is no longer. After 23 years they have closed shop. See article in CR here.