Battles: Mirrored

Some very nice photography by the amazing Timothy Saccenti for New York experimental band ‘Battles’. The art direction and design is supplied by one of the band members, Dave Konopka. These images are taken from the set of the band’s video for first single ‘Atlas’.

Battles: Mirrored
Battles: Mirrored
Battles: Mirrored

The yellow drum set reminds us of the one featured on Prince’s Sign ‘O’ the times cover from 1987.

Prince Sign O the Times

The simple yet highly stylish video posted below (also directed by Saccenti) features the band performing in a rotating glass cube.

Update: Chris Keegan pointed out the similarities with Brian Eno and Robert Fripp’s 1973 release “No Pussyfooting” album cover.

No Pussyfooting Cover | Brian Eno & Robert Fripp
No Pussyfooting Back | Brian Eno & Robert Fripp
No Pussyfooting Open | Brian Eno & Robert Fripp

I spoke to Tim the designers and he commented saying;
“Battles work from a very conceptual standpoint and there is no “homage” or “reference” in their music or their artwork. They do everything possible to remove interference and influence from the outside world.
We arrived at the idea for their 2-way mirrored room by following the lead of their concept for the album, pieces based on mathematical loops and feedback. Any resemblance to the Eno album artwork is purely coincidental.”