Beck: Information

The packaging for Beck’s latest album The Information consists of a blank grid cover and a random set of stickers for each release designed by various artists. The idea is to mix and match as you choose to create your own custom cover.

If there was any reason to actually buy a physical CD in this digital age, this is it.

Here are some custom covers found on the Beck Gallery site and Amazon:

Beck: The Information Custom Cover 5

Beck: The Information Custom Cover 6

Beck: The Information Custom Cover 2

Beck: The Information Custom Cover 3

Beck: The Information Custom Cover 4

Unbelievably, because this may give the album an “unfair advantage”, the album is not eligible for the UK charts. Shouldn’t the industry be supporting this so they actually have people wanting to buy the CDs? It baffles me.

Cover art by Beck. Art direction and design by Matt Maitland/Gerard Saint at Big Active with Beck. Sticker art by Jody Barton, Beck, Juliette Cezar, Estell & Simon, David Foldvari, Genevieve Gauckler, Michael Gillette, Jasper Goodall, Mercedes Helnwein, Han Lee, Matt Maitland, Ari Michelson, Parra, Melanie Pullen, Gay Rie[***]aleksey Shirokov, Will Sweeney, Kam Tang, Adam Tullie, Kensei Yabuno, Vania Zouravliov, 2006.

Update: Check Pinebenders Design Your Own Cover sleeve designed back in 2002.