Front cover

I’ve loved this cover for the abundantly talented Brendan Benson’s 3rd album since i first saw it. Of course it ticks the retro box for me but it’s also so beautifully restrained and sophisticated. I was lucky enough to get in contact with the designer of the album artwork David Calderley at Graphic Therapy, who took the time to give me the background story on the creation of the album and supply various artwork for the album and singles.

” The Brendon Benson Cover was a bit of a challenge and had a few incarnations during the process. The initial idea was presented to the artist as one image of him and a girl relating to each other, but clearly all ‘disjointed as they were on a series of boxes in a white space, which had a nod to early 70s ‘commercial art’ and the album had a feel of that period. I had one day to shoot. We did a location shoot in Asbury Park, New Jersey (for press and possible singles) I also set up a white backdrop for the ‘studio’ clean body shots. We did a second studio still life shoot of various white boxes of various compositions. Then in post mapped on combinations of Brendan and a female model. He liked it but did not think it would go down well with his audience. After many incarnations of the idea we agreed on a combination of boxes with various elements that representaed his ‘alternative to love’…. Wine, Smoking, Art, his Cat, etc…it ran into so many choices I threw in the Kitchen sink!. It was finally approved, with one additional request to make it look like it had been in a shop window for a few years so I ‘aged it’, and we were done. All the additional singles were different combinations of boxes with single elements on them. The logo font was from Bookman Swash with some additional handrawn ligatures, together with Avant Garde sub text.”

Alternate cover artwork.
orig frt coverOrig girl

Artwork for the singles.

Spit it out coverSpit it out back sleevediscCold hands singleWhat i’m looking for single