Bus Driver: Road Kill Overcoat Cover

I’d never heard of Bus Driver before seeing this cover but after listening to a few tracks on his Myspace page I’m impressed. The album title alone stands out but it was the cover artwork that got my attention.

The cover shows a big bloody furry ball which is a play on the album title. I’m also sucker for the silver ink too.

Canadian design group Seripop also sent me these photos of the album insert.

Bus Driver: RoadKillOvercoat LP 1

Bus Driver: RoadKillOvercoat LP 2

Bus Driver: RoadKillOvercoat LP 3

My fav’s the cover for it’s simplicity. It’s like a big yeti nipple.

Bus Driver also produced a series of promo videos directed by Ben Barnes for the album. They’re short films previewing tracks from the album. It’s a great promotional idea and considering Bus Driver’s marketing budgets would be tiny compared to most artists they look great.

Here’s a Youtube version of promo 5 below. Get the hi-res Quicktimes here.

Seripop told me that they actually created the artwork for Bus Driver’s first single off the album Kill Your Employer and expanded on that style for the album cover. Again I prefer the album cover design as it’s complex yet simple.

Bus Driver: Kill Your Employer

Note: As someone who employs a dozen or so people I hope no one actually gets too inspired by this song :)