Album: Amazing Abstract Album Covers from the 1950s
Cover Artist: Various

I find it so hard to believe that these covers are 50+ years old. Some of them look downright modern. The following six covers were chosen by David Day who own Jive Time Records in Seattle, WA. He also runs an amazing blog called Project Thirty-Three which is worth a bookmark. If you ever get […]

In no particular order, we’re taking a look at the select few albums that are not only referred to as “landmarks” but have actually created new landmarks. For the passionate fans that love these albums, the places depicted on these sleeves have become sites of pilgrimage.

Album: The Rumproller
Artist: Lee Morgan
Cover Artist: Reid Miles

I’m not sure what the concept behind the distorted text is and I’m not 100% confident “Rumproller” is meant to be a reference to shaking your booty. It’s a great name for a roller coaster though. I do know that it stands out when browsing by tiny thumbnail on a music site. Although this was […]

Album: Juicy Lucy
Artist: Juicy Lucy

This must have raised more than a few brows in its time. I rescued it from my mum & dad’s garage a few years ago with a whole bunch of other vintage classics. I remember as a prepubescent adolescent my brother and I would fish this out of the vinyl compartment of our monstorous Hi-fi […]

Album: Crosby, Stills & Nash
Artist: Crosby, Stills & Nash
Design Studio: Harry Diltz

When I think about this album cover I imagine that the three blokes sitting there are the sleaziest looking buggers around, but now, upon seeing it again up close, I realise that, though, they’d never have become Top Models they’re not so bad after all. They do, nonetheless, epitomise the hippie in all his many […]

Album: John Wesley Harding
Artist: Bob Dylan
Cover Artist: John Berg

Everything about the cover photograph by John Berg is peculiar. The first thing that you notice is the seeming lack of balance in the photo. If Dylan were simply flanked by those two other blokes, then it would seem to make sense, but the fact that there is a fourth, and frowning figure, hovering in […]

Album: Blind Faith
Artist: Blind Faith
Cover Artist: Bob Seidemann, Stanley Mouse (Miller)

Credited as the first ever rock album to not display the bands name on the cover art (apparently Eric Claptons’ idea) was the self titled Blind Faith (1969). The 60′s Supergroup’s only album featured Bob Seidemanns‘ striking photo of a nude, freckly youngster holding a gleaming, chrome, impressionistic sculpture of a jet (the hood ornament […]