I spent all of my teenage years listening and obsessing over metal. Then with the arrival of ‘Grunge’, I shamefully denounced the hair spray genre, swapping my denim jacket & cowboy boots for flannel shorts and Doc Martins. Then a few years later retired my flannel shirts for the indie/alternative music scene.

Album: Mom's Apple Pie
Artist: Mom's Apple Pie
Cover Artist: Craig Braun, Terry Knight

In WWII, when American soldiers were asked by journalist why they were going to war the standard response was “for Mom and apple pie”. For some reason the dish of apple pie worked its way into the American consciousness as a representative of all that was wholesome and good about the nation; a reminder of […]

Album: Dixie Chicken
Artist: Little Feat
Cover Artist: Neon Park

Okay, so here’s the lesson of today’s story: always pick up cool looking hitchhikers.

Album: Rickie Lee Jones
Artist: Rickie Lee Jones
Cover Artist: Norman Seeff

This is the fifth in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists I’m pretty sure my Dad had a really big crush on Rickie Lee Jones. Her name resonates for me because he was a huge music fan and started buying CDs when the format was released. He bought all of hers […]

Album: Cover Artist: Storm Thorgerson

It’s always good to see the designers behind classic album covers getting critical and commercial recognition. And few designers could boast of a career as celebrated and prolific as Storm Thorgerson. Taken By Storm: The Album Art of Storm Thorgerson was published by Vision On in 2007. It’s a selection of some of his best […]

Album: Parallel Lines
Design Studio: Ramey Communications

This is the fourth in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists Parallel Lines, the third album by Blondie, was released in late 1978. By 1979, when they were finally huge in the States, the band felt the need to start a “Blondie is a Group” button campaign. Even for those discovering […]

Album: Hejira
Artist: Joni Mitchell
Cover Artist: Joni Mitchell, Norman Seeff, Joel Bernstein

This is the third in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists Much of Joni Mitchell’s best music concerns travel. Her classic record Blue opens with the line “I am on a lonely road and I am travelling”, while in the following tracks Carey and This Flight Tonight she leaves her lover […]

Album: Horses
Artist: Patti Smith
Cover Artist: Robert Mapplethorpe

This is the second in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists A lot of us have wanted to put Bono in his place from time to time. On the weekend I was reading a disturbing feature story on Bono, depicting him walking through Washington’s corridors of power, seemingly without the need […]

Album: Playing Possum
Artist: Carly Simon
Cover Artist: Norman Seeff

This is the first in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists Carly Simon lead the life of 70′s dreams. The daughter of Richard L. Simon, a cultural mogul and musician, and Andrea Simon, a civil rights activist and singer, she had the perfect lineage to take a leading part in an […]

In no particular order, we’re taking a look at the select few albums that are not only referred to as “landmarks” but have actually created new landmarks. For the passionate fans that love these albums, the places depicted on these sleeves have become sites of pilgrimage.