New Wave

Album: Plus Minus (+ -)
Artist: Joy Division
Design Studio: Studio Parris Wakefield

First off I’d like to apologise to Studio Parris Wakefield for taking my sweet time to get this post together. But at least I’ve timed this post with the day of it’s release. If you have a Joy Division fan in your life then this release has been perfectly timed with Xmas gift time. Oh […]

Album: Parallel Lines
Design Studio: Ramey Communications

This is the fourth in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists Parallel Lines, the third album by Blondie, was released in late 1978. By 1979, when they were finally huge in the States, the band felt the need to start a “Blondie is a Group” button campaign. Even for those discovering […]

This record cover from 1981 is a homage to Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (“The Lunch on the Grass”). The large scale oil on canvas painting by Edouard Manet was finished in 1863 and caused instant controversy, due to the scandalous combination of a naked women next to two fully dressed men. Their casual, relaxed […]

Album: Rio
Artist: Duran Duran
Cover Artist: Patrick Nagel, Malcolm Garrett
Design Studio: Assorted Images

No one belongs together in unholy 80′s union more than Duran Duran and Patrick Nagel. One look at a Nagel print I think of Andrew McCarthy knocking back a Chi Chi after a solid game of Frogger wondering whether to go with the white denim or white sports jacket with the pastel polo…or maybe the […]

Album: Ten Feet Tall
Artist: XTC

Here’s a quick post. Mostly due to the limited information out there on this release. But I thought the simplicity and humor was quite interesting. I can just imagine this being a smart ass response from the designer as to what the cover should be and someone though they were serious.

Album: Go 2
Artist: XTC
Design Studio: Hipgnosis

What makes this cover for XTC’s Go 2 interesting is that it was from Hipgnosis, the same UK design group that brought us some of the most original and memorable covers for bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Yes and Black Sabbath. Hipgnosis’s trademark story like imagery is replaced by copy poking fun at […]

Album: Unknown Pleasures
Artist: Joy Division
Cover Artist: Peter Saville

As the debut album for Joy Division it must have been a big decision to go sans text. It’s fortunate Peter Saville had the support of label manager Tony Wilson, featured in 24 Hour Party People, which allowed such great ideas to go ahead. It paid off, it’s minimalist yet still visually interesting. The cover […]