Album: Matador Singles '08
Artist: Jay Reatard

RIP Jay Reatard (May 1, 1980 – January 13, 2010). This post was written before his tragic death and we were going to edit it (as it reads a little tasteless now). However, on reflection, we felt that this post was a suitable tribute to Jay’s formidable talent. I was at a play the other […]

Album: Parallel Lines
Design Studio: Ramey Communications

This is the fourth in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists Parallel Lines, the third album by Blondie, was released in late 1978. By 1979, when they were finally huge in the States, the band felt the need to start a “Blondie is a Group” button campaign. Even for those discovering […]

Album: Horses
Artist: Patti Smith
Cover Artist: Robert Mapplethorpe

This is the second in our series of five seminal album covers by female artists A lot of us have wanted to put Bono in his place from time to time. On the weekend I was reading a disturbing feature story on Bono, depicting him walking through Washington’s corridors of power, seemingly without the need […]

This record cover from 1981 is a homage to Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (“The Lunch on the Grass”). The large scale oil on canvas painting by Edouard Manet was finished in 1863 and caused instant controversy, due to the scandalous combination of a naked women next to two fully dressed men. Their casual, relaxed […]

Album: Era Vulgaris
Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age
Cover Artist: Jason Noto
Design Studio: Morning Breath Inc.

It’s been a while since i’ve seen any album covers that spins my wheels enough that i feel like talking about it. But when Jason Noto, from the very talented and creative Morning Breath Inc sent us the latest QOSTA cover and all the accompanying artwork, i decided i oughta pull my finger out.

Album: In The Belly of a Shark
Artist: Gallows
Cover Artist: Dan Mumford

Sharks = cool Zombies = cooler Zombie Sharks: off the cool radar That’s how I would have pitched this single artwork to the band. Normally I’d feature the album and then the single artwork but it was this Zombie shark I saw on Neatorama that caught my attention.

Album: Fun Flies
Artist: The Action Suits
Cover Artist: Peter Bagge

A friend made me realise recently that I don’t know shit about comic art anymore. It’s been years since I actually read a comic book. I LOOK at art now and I can analyse colours and shapes and design principles but its been a while since I actually indentified with a comic as heavily as […]

Album: Minor Threat
Artist: Minor Threat
Cover Artist: Susie Josephson Horgan

Minor Threat are credited with being one of the first hardcore punk rock groups to come out of the USA. Along with Black Flag and Bad Brains, Minor Threat are the band to know and their self-titled record (officially known as “First 2 7″s”) is the one to own. It’s debatable as to whether there […]

Album: Unknown Pleasures
Artist: Joy Division
Cover Artist: Peter Saville

As the debut album for Joy Division it must have been a big decision to go sans text. It’s fortunate Peter Saville had the support of label manager Tony Wilson, featured in 24 Hour Party People, which allowed such great ideas to go ahead. It paid off, it’s minimalist yet still visually interesting. The cover […]

Album: The Bronx
Artist: The Bronx

I didn’t get into The Bronx until i heard their second album, The Bronx – II, which is bloody fantastic but with a less impressive cover. I always wanted to like them based on this cover, which reminds me of the horror movie posters of the late 70′s early 80′s. I’d even buy this on […]