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Album: Pretty Hate Machine 2010
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Cover Artist: Rob Sheridan

I was lucky enough to catch this tweet by Rob Sheridan. An interesting fact about Rob is that he was hired after Trent liked his fan site! Source “I had the honor of reimagining the artwork of @nineinchnails’ classic “Pretty Hate Machine” for its upcoming re-issue:“ I was less interested in the cover itself […]

The image of a fist is a universal sign of aggression, power and defiance yet there was a significant lack of albums featuring fists. I thought we’d be trawling through hundreds but it seems we have just the few seen below. It’s no mistake that most of the bands are metal and only one has […]

Album: Years of Refusal
Artist: Morrissey
Cover Artist: Jake Walters
Design Studio: No Allegiances

There’s so much mystery about this cover that perhaps it’s better to start with what we do know. The image was taken by London-based Jake Walters, a commercial photographer with an impressive portfolio across fashion, celebrity and editorial portraiture.

I spent all of my teenage years listening and obsessing over metal. Then with the arrival of ‘Grunge’, I shamefully denounced the hair spray genre, swapping my denim jacket & cowboy boots for flannel shorts and Doc Martins. Then a few years later retired my flannel shirts for the indie/alternative music scene.

Album: The Blueprint 3
Artist: Jay-Z
Cover Artist: Dan Tobin Smith, Greg Burke, Nicola Yeoman

Now updated. This striking cover from hip-hop maestro Jay-Z immediately caught our eye and we featured it yesterday. However our readers were quick to point out that we’d only scratched the surface in our review. So thanks to our learned, intrepid and (let’s face it) sexy readers, here’s an updated feature.

Album: Phrazes for the Young
Artist: Julian Casablancas

The lead singer of The Strokes will release his debut album sometime shortly, however the cover art has already emerged. It pays tribute to the iconic dog and gramophone image, best known today as the logo for various music companies, including Casablancas’ label RCA.

Album: This Is Hardcore
Artist: Pulp
Cover Artist: Peter Saville, John Currin, Horst Diekgerdes, Howard Wakefield, Paul Hetherington

In 1997 designer Peter Saville received a call from Jarvis Cocker. “They needed to reposition Pulp” he recalls, “They wanted to present Pulp more as a rock band. The music was a lot deeper, darker and moodier and they called it This Is Hardcore.” The result was one of the most controversial album covers of […]

Album: Matador Singles '08
Artist: Jay Reatard

RIP Jay Reatard (May 1, 1980 – January 13, 2010). This post was written before his tragic death and we were going to edit it (as it reads a little tasteless now). However, on reflection, we felt that this post was a suitable tribute to Jay’s formidable talent. I was at a play the other […]

Album: Murmur
Artist: R.E.M.

From the hard to make out lyrics (“They called the clip a two-headed cow / Your hate clipped and distant, your luck, pilgrimage,”) through to the murky, unattractive cover art – nothing is made too easy on R.E.M.’s debut album.