Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask

Rather than try an explain the complicated entity that is Dangerdoom I’ll just talk about the cover artwork.

This is one album where its hard for me to decide which I like more, the cover design or the actual music. For me everything works. The hard rendered type, the iconic character and the weathered feel of texture of the paper. The artwork was reused across posters, print and merchandise and still looks fresh today two years later, which is more than you can say with most covers. So they really got their moneys worth with the logo design.

Here’s the back cover with track listing.

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask Back

Here’s the inside of the album.

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask Inside

And if you thought alternate covers were purely for censorship you’re wrong. This fantastic artwork was changed for the UK release of the album to what you see below. While it lacks the sense of humor the US version it’s still very interesting. Like an colour blind test. Which I fail at.

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask UK cover

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask UK Cover 2

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask UK jewel case

Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask UK open

It certainly feels a lot darker. This version was designed by EH Questionmark.

Dangerdoom also released a download only EP called Occult Hymn available for download exclusively on the Adult Swim website. Sadly the promo page for it is no longer active.

Dangerdoom: Occult Hymn

I also found this which looks like an alternate mask for Dangerdoom. I’m not sure what this was used for.

Dangerdoom Alternative Mask

If you still have no idea who/what Dangerdoom is then check the Wiki page.

Also here’s a promo photo of MF Doom and Dangermouse which together are Dangerdoom. His mask is a custom designed and a cross between Dr.Doom and Maximus from Gladiator.

Dangerdoom Promo Photo

Note: I’m not only a fan of Dangermouse (the cartoon) but just before this album was released I bought the Harvey Birdman DVD.

Props: I have to thank Mike for bringing this album into the office I hardly know my Ghostface Killah from my Spaceghost.