Devil’s Gun: Raising the Beast

This is the first single for UK group Devil’s Gun. This was submitted by the talented people at You Are Beautiful. (love the name)

Now normally I’d fake it and say I’ve known about these guys and try and pass off as a trendy person but sadly I’ve never heard of them.

This is why design is so important these days, as without a kick ass cover like this cover I would have skipped over them. It’s an album cover you couldn’t just flick past when browsing at your local HMV, well JB Hifi here in Australia.

These skull babes featured on the back of the album were used on their second EP Gold Dust.

Devil’s Gun: Raising the Beast back

And while I doubt it, I’m hoping me posting this cover here will get me a set of these funky Devil’s Gun badges to decorate my laptop bag.

Devils Gun Badges