DJ Shadow: Endtroducing...

Endtroducing… was one of the first records I ever purchased (I have somehow ended up with 3 copies of the LP since). In one way or another, this album exposed me to a new world of records, dj’ing and the diversity of hiphop music. It’s a timeless classic 10 years on.

To me, the photograph on the cover is synonymous with DJ Shadow and his dedication to the art of digging for records. His knowledge for the most obscure records and sampling them with an MPC led to this masterpiece. Many aren’t aware of this, but DJ Shadow has one of the worlds largest private record collections with over 60,000 LPs.

LA-based photographer B+ aka Brian Cross shot this photograph. His images have appeared on over 100 hiphop record covers for artists including Mos Def, Q-Tip, Jurassic 5, Ozomatli, Blackalicious, Warren G and Eazy E.

DJ Shadow: Endtroducing...

An interesting anecdote on the shot:

We measured the focus really quickly because of the cat and we measured in feet when it’s set for metres. That’s why the foreground is out of focus. It was honestly a total mistake.

Photography by B+. Sleeve design by Ben Drury and Will Bankhead.

B+ Portfolio
DJ Shadow