I came across this album cover for ‘Efterklang’s’ mini-album ‘Under Giant Trees’ in the latest Communication Arts – Design Annual, a design publication that always publishes amazing and inspiring work, and this beautiful cover was a standout for me. So instead of me waffling on about it like a clueless idiot, i thought i’d let the creator of the cover Nan Na Hvass do the talking.

Although i will say the magic puzzle game has set quite a bench mark for me when it comes to the little extras to be found in limited edition releases.

“The artwork for this album was very special to do, because the band and label had decided to print a limited edition of deluxe packaging, and they wanted an extra feature like something unusual. So apart from the cover itself there is also a magic puzzle game, that can be laid in many ways… see the instruction here:”

“It took me a long time to construct this system, and now really I have no idea how i got to it… there was some calculating involved…”

“All in all this artwork took about half a year to complete, it was really a big project for me, and also a really important one! I think the way I worked on it sort of resembles the way Efterklang work with their music; hundreds of layers, and lot’s of time spent changing and adjusting little details, that probably only I would ever notice. But it was all worthwhile and I think this cover gave me a lot of other commissions.”