Extreme Music: Directors Cuts

I have nothing but love for Extreme Music’s “Directors Cuts” series. Not only is it some of the best production music you can buy it and makes even the simplest thing come alive it also comes in the funkiest packaging around.

We use the the “Directors Cuts” on websites and games we produce as Soap Creative. And while Extreme offer a wide variety of production music it’s this series that makes you feel like Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer.

It’s actually a joint venture between Extreme Music and Hans Zimmer’s (famous music composer who’s probably be the only guy to call Danny Elfman out in composer showdown) company Remote Control Productions. Well technically it was his previous company Media Ventures but they hit a little legal trouble.
Note: Money and friends don’t mix.
Here’s an article from 2001 about the venture.

Extreme Music: Directors Cuts Open

A few examples of how we’ve used it can be found here and here. This last audio touch is what makes these projects for me.

It’s funny as I know quite a few of the “fantasy adventure” tracks now and I hear them from time to time in trailers for movies and other websites.

If you’re like me and like to browse the entire catalogue looking for that right track you can also get the DVD version. It comes in a jumbo case as seen below.

Extreme Music: Directors Cuts DVD
Extreme Music: Directors Cuts

The CD’s are shipped to companies for free and you only pay for what you use. At $125 per 30 seconds it can get expensive but cheaper and faster than commissioning custom music. Although if you have the time and budget custom music can be a better solution.

We commissioned a sound designer to create custom sound tracks for a site we did last year for Foxtel called “see something. feel something.” The music is amazing and would have been impossible to find on a production CD.

The fact they ship the CD’s for free and that their website is also quite easy to use you’d think expensive packaging like this would be unnecessary. But there is stiff competition in this field and any way to stand out is worth the expense. Spend money to make money I guess.

Sleevage I Didn’t Know That: Hans Zimmer was a member of “The Buggles”. No shit!