The image of a fist is a universal sign of aggression, power and defiance yet there was a significant lack of albums featuring fists. I thought we’d be trawling through hundreds but it seems we have just the few seen below.

It’s no mistake that most of the bands are metal and only one has any sense of humour. For a band or album with fist in the name it must be hard for the designer to resist such a powerful image.

A big shout out to GuitarNoize for helping chase down the albums via Twitter.

So I present to you all the fist albums we could find. Which is the perfect compliment to our album covers with butts cover compilation.

I’ll start with one of the worst covers and the one that comes up the most on Google Image search for fist album. (Side Note: Make sure to turn ON safe searching whenever searching for “fist” on Google images. Argh I can’t unsee some of that stuff!)

MSTRKRFT: Fist of God
Designer: Unknown (Lucky bastard as this is an uninspired turd!)

A better cover would have been this promo image of them with masks on.

The masks hide the fact they look like douchebags without them (learn from Daft Punk guys). Well the guy on the right looks like Chick Liddell.

Moderat: Moderat
This was the only album to have some sense of humour (and a female) with the fist imagery. Moderat’s self titled album is one I’m going to track down next week for a proper listen.

It reminded me of a SFW version of Coop’s art. But upon research (source) it looks to be inspired by a R. Crumb piece from 1990 from his Bring Me Your Love illustrations booklet. Buy it here on Amazon or check this Flickr set. Which makes sense as R. Crumb had a sick sense of humour.

The first single off the album Rusty Nail also features a fist and this time on solid red. This is quiet nice also.

The actual song is oddly familiar and a great track.

Interesting when you take the women out of the picture and my mind turns to this war poster, rather than an image of a women hitting herself in the face.

Alice Cooper: Raise your Fist and Yell
Jim Warren the artist on this piece seems to have moved on from the horror work for more dolphins & horses meet Dali inspired work.

Rage Against The Machine: Battle of Los Angeles

According to Wikipedia “The album cover art was an original artwork by the LA Street Phantom aka Joey Krebs aka Joel Jaramillo, a well-known Los Angeles artist who has exhibited at numerous galleries in Los Angeles, New York City and throughout the United States. Despite claims to the contrary, the image was not inspired by images from the 1992 street riots of LA or from images of Munich, but by the band’s own music and words, and represents one in a series of images of the artist’s work, which can also be seen on various street murals in Los Angeles”

You can see his work on this classic film clip also

After reading The Street Phantom’s artistic statement you have to feel for the guy who didn’t market himself as well as Banksy. I mean he didn’t even get mentioned in Exit Through the Gift Store and doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page on himself. That doesn’t stop him from throwing down a challenge to Shepard Fairey though. Boom! Street Cred = True. Mo Money = False :(

Wait did I say Street Cred? I’d like to retract that statement after seeing the photo below :) Sorry Joey

Metallica: St Anger

Now this is what you call a fist! Pushead did the art who is normally recognised by his skull work. he doesn’t seem to have an official site but you can say hi on his Facebook page. I still love the scene in Some Kind of Monster when Lars is trying to push the name of the album as Frantic and the other guys had to convince him of St. Anger.

The back cover is more of the usual Pushead style.

The cover was originally planned to have 3 alternative color variations but due to cost this was scrapped. Their website has the post from 2003! Congrats for keeping the site live for 7+ years! The other color variations look weak to me but some collectors out there have the limited edition lithograph prints of them. And some even crazier collector has all the foreign variations of the covers! Insane

Mr Flash: Disco Dynamite

This is one of my fav Fist albums with the artwork by the eclectic So Me French design group who look after all of Ed Banger’s artwork. Mr Flash was the first artist signed to Ed Banger Records which is something I’ll be sure to drop into conversation just to sound like I know WTF is going on in the world of music.

here’s Mr Flash posing for the cover

And I know I’ve said it before but the French are seriously punching above their weight (no pun intended) when it comes to new music. They are seriously pushing it.

Warning: If you only watch one Mr Flash film clip then please do yourself a NSFW favour and check this one out below! And if you think that is in poor taste do not watch this one by the same director Cédric BLAISBOIS.

Motorhead: Iron Fist

The first photo cover so far with what looks to be an actual fist prop. The photographer of the cover Allan Ballard photographed a lot of Motorhead’s stuff but this is the ony URL I can find of an Alan Ballard. I hope it’s not the same person. I found this alternative cover which shows where the prop was used. Very Spinal Tap! I wonder if that fist is in a Hard Rock Cafe somewhere?

Anthrax: Fistful of Metal

“Fuck yeah! that is exactly what I had in my head” is what was spoken when Anthrax saw the artwork for their debut album. Kent Joshpe not only did the artwork but the bands logo too which is still in use. What is Josh doing now? He’s the CD of an advertising agency! I doubt he has done any other logos recently that will last over 20 years and be tattooed on thousands of people.

Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power

Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power 500 wide

We covered this album long ago. Still one of my favs for both the music and the statement is makes as a cover. Has anyone got this issue of Revolver where they explain the story behind the photo?

it also gives me another opportunity to post this video…

Rainbow: Rising

Wait it’s a hard metal band called Rainbow? C’mon. Artwork by Ken Kelly who did the epic Love Gun for Kiss.

Chemical Bros: Push the Button

The Chemical Brothers: Push The Button Front
The Chemical Brothers: The Boxer

We covered this album and all it’s singles in great detail previously.

KATASTROFIST: Katastrofist

This cover actually came about after the band/designers posted options up on their site and asked for freed back. The end result is better than the options but still very cheesy. I would have preferred just the photo they used as reference below. Now that is a fist!

Here’s a few others I didn’t find anything worth posting about but wanted to include them in the “Fist Album” collection.

Super 400: Sweet Fist:

Snowgoons: A Fist in the Thought

Lime Spiders: Beethovens Fist

A big thanks to Ira and Holger for suggesting a bunch more that we missed.Including ones already covered on this site. Doh!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz!


Already featured here.

Fist: Back with a Vengeance

This just needs a Kapow! sound FX bubble. Cover art by Sid King.

Black Flag: Damaged

Ed Colver pre-smashed the mirror with a hammer before putting fake blood. You bunch of pussies!

Rancid: Let’s Go

Riverboat Gamblers: To the Confusion of our Enemies

Fist: Thunder in Rock

Does anyone have a 500px or wider version of this cover? Also why didn’t they just change their name. Redoing each cover to say MYO FIST for Europe is just dumb.

Fist: Hot Spikes

Now we’re talking. Like the cover of a Fighting Fantasy cover for the new book “Metal Fists of Fury” with artwork by Istvan Resz. I love that it has finger nails!

Take It Back!: Rumors Of Revolt

Rise Against: This Is Noise

Anti-Nowhere League: Streets of London

This is a single but we’ll include it. Also it’s just the bands logo on a wall but it’s a pretty bad ass logo. Again while corporate brands refresh their brands all the time bands seem to stick with the same one forever.

Have we missed an important fist album? Comment below and we’ll add it to the list.