Foo Fighters: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace Cover

While I haven’t had time to fully listen the new Foo Fighters album, I have fully absorbed the beautiful artwork. While the cover seems to have a political message you could just say the montage of a bomb and an amplifier tube translates as “This album will drop a musical bomb on your head” but that might just be me simplifying a complicated message :)

Geek Note: Tubes Rock!

I was about to post this up when Invisible Creature, the designers behind the cover, submitted a host of supporting artwork and a complete rationale behind the cover. Which is what we love here at Sleevage. So instead of having to make up with something to say about each piece I’ll let Don Clark (one half of Invisible Creature) explain it all.

“I was honored to work on the Foo’s sixth studio album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace”. To begin with, I’m a huge fan of the band, so you can imagine my reaction when I got the phone call awarding us the project. 3 days later, I was on a plane to LA with my brother Ryan (and my partner at Invisible Creature) to check out the record and go over rough ideas with the band. We had a great time and walked away from the meeting with the task of creating an album cover that was ‘iconic, but simple’.

We initially started the project with new logos for the band. We ended up doing around 10 logos total, and I’ve presented a few of the rejected brands here.
Foo Fighters Rejected Logos
The logo that was chosen was actually the last one I created and I based it off a typeface that I found in a vintage type book. When I presented it to the band, I actually wasn’t in love with it. A few weeks into working on the album, I grew to love it and it’s now my favorite of the bunch.

Foo Fighters New Logo

We ended up presenting the band 6 covers and they immediately gravitated towards one featuring a black WWII-era torpedo mixed with a vintage guitar amplifier tube. The amplifier tube finishing the torpedo was, in many regards, an accident. I had the half image of the torpedo placed on the cover and I wanted to juxtapose it with another object that traditionally wasn’t associated with war or violence. As I was scrolling through my folders of images, I happened upon the tube shot. I grabbed it, positioned it … that was it. Ryan was actually walking by my desk at the time and I remember him saying “Dude, that’s the one”. We were both pulling for that cover and they ended up loving it. After the cover was chosen, I decided that I wanted the theme of the package to be the juxtaposition of simple objects that reflected the album’s tone of life and mortality.

On a side-note, I want to mention that I love director Sam Brown’s use of the album cover’s theme (I call it ‘music/art as a weapon’) in the absolutely stunning video for “The Pretender”.”

“The Pretender” film clip is below.

Here are the two singles covers. Regular readers know I love it when the singles all share a single creative concept. This one does it right down to the labels.

Foo Fighters: The Pretender Cover

Here’s the cover for their next single “Long Road to Ruin”. A Sleevage exclusive!

Foo Fighters: Long Road to Ruin

And the cover for the newer single “Let it Die”

Foo Fighters: Let It Die

Here’s an overview of the artwork in the albums CD booklet. I like the subtle texture and graphical elements in the background.

Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace Booklet Artwork

And finally here’s the vinyl labels.

Foo Fighters: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace Vinyl Labels

I asked Don for the rejected covers and he quipped “I’m saving those for other bands” which makes total sense to me and I’ll have to stop asking designers for them.

Lastly make sure you check out the Invisible Creature website. The have some awesome posters for sale.