Gallows: Belly of the Shark

Sharks = cool
Zombies = cooler
Zombie Sharks: off the cool radar

That’s how I would have pitched this single artwork to the band. Normally I’d feature the album and then the single artwork but it was this Zombie shark I saw on Neatorama that caught my attention.

Here’s Dan’s words about the album’s art.

“‘Abandon Ship’ was the first thing i worked on for Gallows when they signed to Warner in early 2007, it was the first release coming a few months before the re-release of their album. I had worked on the previous release of the original album, but that was only as the illustrator on part of it, Alex Curtis from Thr33 design took on layout and additional illustrations. For this however the Band and label just gave me free reign to do what i wished, its based on a poster that i had screenprinted for them a few months beforehand, the band liked it so much they wanted to reuse it on the single, but i thought i could do better..and literally just went out to create the ultimate vision of sea based carnage, it was the first time my work would be released on such a huge scale, so i really poured my time into it. The single came on two 7″ vinyls, so we went with a gatefold 7″, with two inner sleeves that housed the 7″s. Basically i tried to keep text to a minimum and go all out with the illustrations. Theres a basic narrative to it as well, the beast attacks the ships on the outside, then we go under water on the inside where he is ripping the ships apart, followed by a full on close up of the beast with the inner sleeves (the two connecting to make a larger image when you put them together)

Following the album release they followed it up with another single ‘In the belly of a shark’, we all decided that the first singles format had worked really well, so we didnt deviate from that, i kept with the nautical theme and simply upped the detail in it, trying to outdo myself basically! The format and narrative is exactly the same. On both releases i tried to keep text to a minimum, all copy is on the innner sleeves, and the title of the single and barcode is on a transparent sticker on the front of the Single, meaning you can remove it to be left with basically just artwork.”

Here’s the extended artwork for the 7″. I want this on my wall. Dan informed me that a poster/print may be coming inthe future.

Gallows: Belly of the Shark Full Spread
Gallows: Belly of the Shark Inner Spread
Gallows: Belly of the Shark Inner Slip

This is actually the second single from the bands debut album “Orchestra of Wolves”. Originally released in 2005 it was rereleased in 2007, this time by Epitaph records with new cover art and bonus disc.

Here’s the original 2005 album cover.

Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves

And the reworked 2007 cover. Which is much nicer. Also the type treament here is now the default Gallows logo.

Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves 2007
Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves 2007 Spread A
Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves 2007 Spread B

Both illustrated by Dan Mumford although the 2005 release was designed by Thr33 Designs.

Here is the first single off the album “Abandon Ship” which see’s a giant spiderpus (spider meets octopus) creating havok in the seas.

Gallows: Abandon Ship
Gallows: Abandon Ship Spread
Gallows: Abandon Ship Spread Inner
Gallows: Abandon Ship Inner Slip

Make sure to check out the rest of Dan’s work. There’s some great stuff in there. My only gripe after seeing his other work is that his style is so strong that the other covers he’s done with the same style loose their uniqueness. A fan might mistake them for one another.

Here’s the poster Dan mentioned was the basis for the new albums direction. I’m glad he didn’t just crop the poster for the cover.

Gallows: 100 Club Poster

Dan also sent me some work in progress pieces. No sketches sadly but the original line art before it’s coloured.

Gallows: Belly of the Shark B/W Line art
Gallows: Belly of the Shark Line Art Coloured
Gallows: Abandon Ship Line Art
Gallows: Abandon Ship Line Art Coloured

Gallows lead signer Frank Carter is probably the angriest gingers I’ve ever seen. And I was too scared to contact the band to ask for their thoughts on the artwork, so I’ve put here what I think the response would be. I tried to stay true to the punk attitude.

Frank Carter on Sleevage

Seriously though he’s probably a nice guy, and he’s not letting the fame go to his head. He wants to quit the band and keep doing his passion, tattooing. We’ll see how that goes if the money and groupies start raining down.

One wierd thing I found was the official film clip for “Belly of the Shark” below is different to the one found on this director’s website. Both are shot well and then both have tried to “jazz it up” unscessfully.

Gallows Belly Shark Film clip New Version

And lastly I was able to track down an image of what the transparent stickers look like on the final cover. Here is it on “Abandon Ship” singles both of which look different to what Dan provided us with.

Gallows: Abandon Ship Single 2
Gallows: Abandon Ship Single 1