Ground Control: An Eye for a Brow, A Tooth for a Pick

This cover for Ground Components’ first full length album caught my eye while we were updating the ARIA website. It stood out from the myriad of bland covers that dominate the ARIA’s. Sadly it seems this album isn’t nominated for anything. I’m not even sure why we were sent the cover? Check out some tunes on their Myspace page.
Note this is the Melbourne band Ground Components not the US based 80′s rock band named Ground Control which I kept typing in Google.

All the other covers I found interesting (and will post soon) weren’t nominated for anything either?

Anyway back to the cover at hand. The album cover shows an angry gorilla, screaming at you to buy the album. The cover was done by Jonathan Zawada who has made quite a name for himself in the Aussie music scene. The actual paintings are by Dmote which threw me off initially as it doesn’t look like his usual iconic style.

The singles depict more angry animals although they don’t have the same impact as the monkey. The only other difference is the type has the holes filled in and the complimentary colour chosen for the sub text.

Ground Control: Hands in the Air
Ground Control: On your living room floor

Also Love + Mercy’s website (the band’s label) features my abandoned chair photos. Small world.

Jonathan Zawada got back to me to say that The reference for this cover was an old Gorilla Grip (surfboard grip) magazine ad from the 80′s which my brother used to have on his wall when we were kids. That was a full screaming gorilla face and I think after hearing the very unique vocals of the singer that image popped into my head out of nowhere.

Here’s the Gorilla Grip ape from their site.

Gorilla Grip Monkey