Hot Chip: The Warning

After waiting in vein for the designers to send us supporting images for this release we decided to post it without any direction from the designers. We missed Hot Chip’s Aussie tour but with their new album “Made in the Dark” being released tomorrow we thought it’d time nicely.

Now for those that thought the “Push the Button” had a lot of supporting artwork get ready for no less than 23 different pieces of artwork all stemming from the one album.

Hot Chip: The Warning Open

This would be a lesson for all designers out there. Don’t present more than one concept to a client. The client will always want a combination of the two or in this case just want you to produce them all. The concept could have been to replicate the repetitive nature of their single “Over and Over” and just keep pumping out covers.

My favorite is this 12″ embossed cover. Very sexy.

Hot Chip: The Warning 12 inch

Here’s the 12 inch open.

Hot Chip: The Warning Open 12 Inch

While’ I’d love to add comments to each piece there are just too many. I present below the myriad of artwork created for the album, it’s singles and various formats.

Starting with the first single “Over And Over”.

Hot Chip: Over and Over 1
Hot Chip: Over and Over 2
Hot Chip: Over and Over 3
Hot Chip: Over and Over 4
Hot Chip: Over and Over 5

This photographic one stands out a little. Maybe they accidentally sent the wrong file to print :)

Hot Chip: Over and Over 6
Hot Chip: Over and Over 7
Hot Chip: Over and Over Cake 1
Hot Chip: Over and Over Cake 2

I’m not sure on the significance of the cake.

The second single was “Boy From School” which went in a slightly different direction to the “Over & Over” artwork.

Hot Chip: Boy From School 1
Hot Chip: Boy From School 2
Hot Chip: Boy From School 3
Hot Chip: Boy From School 4

This last one if my fav of the “Boy From School” series.

And the last single from the album “Colours” featured even more variations on the theme.

Hot Chip: Colours 1
Hot Chip: Colours 2
Hot Chip: Colours 3
Hot Chip: Colours 4
Hot Chip: Colours 5

Phew! You’re fingers probably sore just from the scrolling. I can imagine the designers were glad to see the end of this album :)

You really have to feel for the collectors out there. Sometimes there’s just too much stuff and unless you’re well funded you’ll slowly go insane knowing your collection will never be complete.

The visual tie in with the block with the plank through it is something the designer Wallzo has used himself personally for an MTV project so I’m not sure of this is exclusively for”Hot Chip”. We’ll email them again and try and uncover the rationale behind this series.

My introduction to Hot Chip was through their film clip rather than the artwork. This clip has the same free feeling that the OK Go clip had.

And if that wasn’t enough there was even different artwork for the promo version of the album. It’s a colourful “Karma Sutra” for lumberjacks.

Hot Chip: The Warning Promo

I look forward to hearing the reason behind having so many variations on the album artwork. I can’t recall another album going to this extent and can’t think of a valid reason for doing so. That said it does make interesting viewing