Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days

This is such great art for a heart-on-the-sleeve indie-folk album. Nothing that makes a statement, nothing iconic, just a pure – if a little cheap – visual representation of the feel of the album.

The introspection and self awareness of those halcyon days when you have had time to languish around in the grass and clover sum up both his laid back finger picking and downbeat breathy vocals.

Iron & Wine has only just made the transition to studio recordings after years as a bedroom song-writer so the expressionist painting style does capture some of his warm folksy vibe even if this album has higher production values than earlier work.

The singles from the album carry across the artistic direction using a sleeping Sam Beam as the focus. These could have been artist roughs before completing the final albums cover painting.

Iron & Wine: Passing Afternoon
Iron & Wine: Such Great Heights

The Vincent Van Gogh artwork not only fits the album but the musician himself. If only for their love of beards.

Vincent Van Gogh

Those wanting a hi-res version of the cover (sans type) can check Subpop’s media page for Iron and Wine here.

Better add the following clip from the album with it’s references to sleeping and yards for reference.

Also being sad bastard hippy music, it might send you comatose on grassy median strips. But oh what a lovely soundtrack to have to it.