Jarvis Cocker: Jarvis

I always thought this cover of Jarvis was a painting, it’s only on closer inspection I see it’s a photo. The photo was taken by Serge Leblon

Jarvis Lady Photo

Here’s a photo from his portfolio that reflects the feel of this cover. Most photographers I know always try to pursue their personal projects with someone else’s dollar. And why not designers do this all the time :) Either that or this was a photo taken during the Jarvis shoot, the wall looks similar enough.

The cover is like the easiest version of Where’s Wally. The arrow just makes the cover for me, without it I think it would have been half as effective.

I was surprised to find that The Designers Republic designed this. Again my preconception of their style (where’s the 45 degrees and funky vectors?) clouded my reasoning.

The rest of the artwork is a simple combination of full bleed photo and B/W type.

Jarvis Cocker Back
The Jarvis Cocker Record Inside 1
The Jarvis Cocker Record Inside 2
The Jarvis Cocker Record Inside 3

The font used is called Fatty and is available at TypeTrust.

Fatty Font

The single “Fat Children” was released with a humorous remix of the cover. Not sure I’ve seen this done before and it works perfectly here. Thanks for the tip MikeD.

Jarvis: Fat Children