John Butler Trio: Grand National Cover

This cover for John Butler Trio’s latest album is a nice take on the Rorschach inkblot test. The act of making these is called ‘Klecksograph’y. There’s something for the next dinner party.

It reminds me of the Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” film clip but with a lot more hidden imagery in the image.

John Butler Trio: Grand National Crop

If you look closely at the crop above you can see guns, bombs, butterflys, people, military aircraft and a host of other objects. This imagery relates to the music and the political stance of the band. The type could be tighter (or left out and put on a belly band) but aside form that it’s quite nice.

The designer mentioned on their forum that he created around 150 of the link blots with ink on paper until they found the right one.

Update: Tom just sent me this the original ink blot before any photoshop work was done.

John Butler Trio: Grand National Inkblot Before

This was released as a 6 panel digi pack in Aus, a 4 panel digi pack in the US and a jewel case internationally. Seeing as John Butler co owns the Jarrah label, who releases it in Australia, he can afford to go that extra mile.

JBT fans will be interested in the limited edition double vinyl version of the album. You can pre-order here but be quick it’s limited to 400 for online orders.

John Butler Trio: Grand National Vinyl

Here’s a better view of the artwork in the fold of the vinyl. I would describe what I see but I might be revealing to much about myself in doing so.

John Butler Trio: Grand National artwork

Also I’m sure this is just the nature of the ink blot artwork but it looks like John Butler is wearing a cowboy hat, as opposed to his usual beanie. So right now all I can see when I look at the cover is Robert Rodriguez.

Robert rodriguez looks like JBT cover

Maybe it’s just me?

If coloured inkblot tests rock your boat then check out these ones here.

I would have thought with Rorschach Test’s being so iconic this type of album cover had been done before but the only other examples I could find were these below one for Nomeansno and the other for Husker Du. Both from the early 80′s.

Other Rorschach Test Covers