Juicy Lucy Album cover

This must have raised more than a few brows in its time. I rescued it from my mum & dad’s garage a few years ago with a whole bunch of other vintage classics. I remember as a prepubescent adolescent my brother and I would fish this out of the vinyl compartment of our monstorous Hi-fi system when we had mates over and we’d pass it around ogling and giggling nervously.

Apart from my confused juvenile fascinations for the bawdy nectar covered Lucy I still really dig the design of this sleeve. The typeface for the title “Lexington” a revival of a 1926 typeface called “Titanic” is a great fit with its feminine curves and the reverse centrefold approach of the cover is cheeky and alluring (see wrap-around below).

Edit (3/12/2007): I just got the latest electronic newsletter from the T26 Type Foundry and the first new face on the list is called Juicy – check it out. Could it possibly have been inspired by this cover??

This is the first release, and self titled album from Juicy Lucy and according to Wikipedia they were “saucy blues-rockers, who formed in 1969 from the ashes of the cult garage band The Misunderstood; uniting vocalist Ray Owen, steel guitarist Glenn Campbell and keyboardist Chris Mercer. The group later picked up guitarist Neil Hubbard, bassist Keith Ellis plus their drummer Pete Dobson”.

I couldn’t find any info on who the brainchild was behind the shock tactic photography but it seems Juicy Lucy kept up the tradition albeit spiraling downwards to pure vulgarity as you can see from these later covers. As the band disintegrated so did any any shred of moral (and artistic) integrity it seems…

Juicy Lucy Lie Back and Enjoy It

Juicy Lucy Get A Whiff

Here’s the full wrap around and inner for the original:

Juicy Lucy wraparound

Juicy Lucy inner

And, here’s the mexican release (eek):

Juicy Lucy Mexico

And, the New Zealand release which out does the original I rekon…(it even has some Kiwi fruit!):

Juicy Lucy NZ