Justice: Cross †

I have no idea who Justice are but this new cover rocks my gonads, and from the reviews I’ve read online the album rocks too (in a dance kinda way). This is actually their first album. And as everyone know the dreaded second album is always the hardest to make and not just for the tunes. The follow up album cover is also tough.

Update: Rob pointed out in the comments that this was actually ‘inspired’ by T.Rex’s Electric Warrior cover.

The actual name of the album is † which is a pain in the ass to type. So while it’s cool like Prince’s symbol, you can’t really expect people to type it in.

UPDATE: Mike just alerted me to the fact we’ve been listening to Justice in the office for a while now and showed me this film clip.

Justice was also the group who famously beat out Kanye West at the European MTV awards. For those that didn’t see it here’s Kanye storming the stage and making a total ass out of himself. It’s painful to watch.