Love Gun - Album cover

Kiss had the best album covers of their career, not to mention tunes in the 70′s, both of which took a huge nosedive by the time the 80′s came around. The covers for Love Gun & Destroyer, both painted by fantasy artist Ken Kelly, were the standouts. Although i’m also a big fan of the cover for Rock And Roll Over, it’s in a complete different and more graphical style.

The apocalyptic and nether-world look of both these covers with the band portrayed as demigods, totally suited the way Kiss were viewed by fans and those who thought they were Knights In Satan’s Service. The more graphic design based 80′s pretty much killed off this style of painted album covers, only really surviving then and today in the world of Metal.

A testament to how skilled Ken Kelly was at his craft, both sketches for the albums are almost identical to the finished covers

Love Gun - Pencil sketch

Spawn Toys considered the cover of Love Gun so classic that they reproduced in action figure form.

Kiss - Spawn toysDestroyer - Album coverDestroyer - Pencil sketch