Lemon Jelly: Lost Horizons

Lemon Jelly never put text on the covers of their albums in order to prioritize the artwork. It’s amazing how the absence of type changes a CD covers design. It immediately feels more collectible and arty. Again shrink wrapped plastic with a sticker showing the bands name was used in record stores.

Lost Horizons is probably the most artistic of their releases, their previous releases were very abstract and pattern like. It wasn’t until viewing the artwork up close did I realize it was a 3D illustration. The trees while very crude work stylistically.

Lemon Jelly: Lost Horizons inside
Upon opening up this six-panel digi pack you get to see the illustration in all it’s glory. Flip it over and you get the countryside at night with the city shining and the country dark. All packaged in a nice card 6 panel digipack.

Fred Deakin the design is also half of Lemon Jelly and runs all the bands design and motion work through his company Airside. It’s this dual role that allows complete control over the bands image while still experimenting. He also joins the long list of musicians/designers working today.