Chicago-based Lupe Fiasco is being touted as the next big thing in hip hop. Chuck Anderson of nopattern designs this spaced out cover in his eclectic colourful style featuring a boombox, toys, a Nintendo DS and assorted goodies.

Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor

Some insight into the collaboration between artist, designer, and record label from The Brilliance:

The great thing about the cover in my opinion is where Chuck and Lupe took ‘it’ in the realm of hip-hop. They connected the dots from Pink Floyd, Head Porter, the Quran to Cartier glasses in one fell swoop. You don’t need to meet Lupe because everything you need to know about him is on that cover somewhere. Pay close attention to him in general because he’s putting on a lesson in creative control. Imagine having a one-way conversation with your record label and saying here’s my cover, lets use it to sell millions, and them be like O.K. Rarely happens.