Metallica Black

Still a classic. I was more of a Sepultura guy but you can’t go past this cover for its sheer beauty. You might have to adjust the brightness or contrast on your monitor to see if properly though.

The cover shows only the band’s logo and a coiled snake (derived from the Gadsden flag – which could be seen hanging on a wall in the “One on One” recording studio where the album was recorded) are visible.

Gadsden flag

The motto of the Gadsden flag, “Don’t Tread on Me”, is also the title of a song featured on the album. Interestingly this track has never been performed live by the band.

It has been said that the actual album cover was inspired by Spinal Tap’s “Black” album. See below. With Metallica admitting it during a meeting of the guys from Spinal Tap.