M.I.A.: Kala

Although M.I.A.’s music can easily stand on it’s own, it’s the artwork which really completes the picture. A collage of bright colours, retro patterns and heavily pixelated type can be found in a variety of media, from her music videos, website and fashion to the visuals at her live performances.

I was lucky enough to catch one of her shows recently and the visuals, which are tailor made for each song took the performance to another level (see video for first single ‘Boyz’ below).

It’s hard to say who exactly is responsible for all of this but it appears to be a collaboration between M.I.A. herself, Cassette Playa (Carri Mundane) and Steve Loveridge (Steve also designed the sleeve for M.I.A.’s first album Arular). Most notable in the artwork and videos for latest album Kala is the work of Cassette Playa. Carri Mundane AKA Cassette Playa is making waves in the U.K. for her part in the London Rave revival (she also dresses the Klaxons).

The cover for Kala looks like it could have been made on early version of Photoshop. Maybe a take on roughly made club flyers made by people who’s job isn’t making club flyers. Regardless, the artwork absolutely complements M.I.A’s sound.