Mike Monday: Songs Without Words

It’s hard to go past an album with a cute character on it that’s illustrated by an Aussie born in the same state as you were. Songs Without Words is DJ Mike Monday’s second album and contains a whole bunch of electronic tracks without words. Well technically there’s some samples which contain words so really the album title needs one of those asterisks you see on bank forms.

Just so it’s clear Mike Monday isn’t an outcast from the Blue Man Group, a Smurf cult or had a horrible skin condition that turned his skin blue he does wear glasses though and likes to sleep in trolleys as seen in this photo below.

Mike Monday

The artwork was done by Drunk Park which is Aussie Expat Seb Godfrey, who is currently living in London. He was actually born in Tasmania (the little island at the far south of Australia) which also bred such talent as Nathan J. His work is fresh with a slight Pete Fowler feel. I look forward to seeing more of his stuff.

Here’s the full cover wrap image and a detail from it. I’ve been told there are desktop wallpapers of the artwork and I’m waiting for the link to those.

Mike Monday: Songs without Words Full

Mike Monday: Songs without Words Detail 1

There’s a substantial amount of work done for each of the 3 EPs as well. Each cover is a wrap around scene with funny details. Here’s some details crops and the actual singles.

Mike Monday: Stargirl

Mike Monday: Stargirl Detail 1

Mike Monday: Stargirl Detail 2

Mike Monday: I Am Plankton

Mike Monday: I Am Plankton Detail 1

Mike Monday: I Am Plankton Detail 2

Mike Monday: The 1111

Mike Monday: The 1111 Detail 1

Mike Monday: The 1111 Detail 2

I asked Seb to send me outline views of this artwork. Not sure why I asked just thought it would look cool.

Mike Monday: Songs Without Words outlines
Mike Monday: Songs Without Words 2

What I like about the little blue dude is that it gives Mike something to brand himself with. Just like Daft Punk and their robot helmets they have an iconic look that can continue into future albums. Let’s hope Mike continues the little blue dude on future albums. As much as some DJ’s love their own face the blue dude has more wide spread appeal and cut through.

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Seb also looked after Mike Monday’s logo or name type. Again this is an important part for all musicians to have clear branding that carries across all their music and merch. Metal bands knew this from the start other genres are catching up. I’m not sure if the MM logo on the blue guys shirt is also a logo for Mike Monday?

Mike Monday Logo

The little guy also made it to the homepage of Mike Monday’s website. Too bad the site sucks though. But seeing as they spent all the cash on the album artwork and videos they can be excused. (Site has been updated)

Mike Monday site intro

Seb also sent me a photo of the digi pack folded out in its final state.

Mike Monday: Songs Without Words

And just when you think the visual smorgasbord would end (you’re scrolling finger is hurting right?) there is also a 3 part animation for the song “Catnip” produced for the album. These were animated by Joe Hamilton (another Tasmanian living in London).

Mike Monday – “Catnip” (Anim by Drunk Park & Joe Hamilton) from Drunk Park on Vimeo.

Note to all record labels: Upload your videos to Vimeo! The quality is so much sexier. You already made the clip it costs nothing to upload. (Thanks Seb for the new Vimeo link)

This post also brought us to the attention of the Beatport player. Which if It worked how it should would be great. However every time I went to grab the correct tracks it gave me a bunch of different results. Anyway here’s the best we could manage. It saves you having to go to Mike’s Myspace page to get a free sample.

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

P.S: We apologise for the slow updates. We’ve been busy taking over the world at Soap lately.