We’re a little late with posting this one but Ty Lettau) has created a series of minimalist album covers. Why? No reason it’s just what designers do. The set has been pretty successful for Ty on Flickr. You might think Ty is an unemployed designer with nothing better to do? But he’s actually the designer manager at Adobe! So obviously he’s a designer that never sleeps!

What I think appeals about these series is the fact they become a puzzle. Without looking at the title you try and guess the cover. With album covers being some of the most iconic design of our time it’s not wonder designers are fascinated by them. No other piece of design lasts this long or is as instantly recognisable as an album cover. Movie posters come close but only few films can say they have iconic posters.

Below are all the covers Ty produced. I didn’t upload the Coldplay ones as they were basically the same as the originals.

View the post on the original The Black Crowes Amorica cover here.

View the post on the original Metallica The Black Album cover here.

View the post on the original Nirvana Nevermind cover here.

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Led Zepplin I

Metallica Master of Puppets

Kiss Dynasty

The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

This set is very different from the previous set (the Modernist series) we posted back in 2009. There you can see the video game covers, movie poster and much more. Olly Moss has a lot to answer for as there is no shortage of these “minimal” or “retro” design series and they show no signs of slowing down.

Note: I’ll also post up the sushi and lego cover remakes after I collect all the images out there. Does anyone know any other “album cover remakes” I should cover?