Moldover Awesome Edition with working Theremin

I was thinking today about how it’s better to be #2. The #2 person tries harder and has a goal beat the #1 person, where as #1 can get complacent. And I think the same thing happens with independents musicians. They just have to try harder. That’s what I thought when I saw this post on Moldover’s debut album which contains a working Theremin. It also thought “WTF is a Theremin” that I realised when I checked Wikipedia that I should pretend like I already knew as those things are pretty damn cool and I want a real one too. (More info on my Theremin binge below)

I’ve ordered my Awesome Edition but rather than wait I’ll let the man himself explain the “Awesome Edition cover”

His official press release sums it up in a more sales type way.

A champion of do‐it‐yourself music making, Moldover would never hog all the fun for himself. That’s why he designed his album’s intricately beautiful, circuit board CD artwork to be a first‐of‐its kind light theremin. Moldover fans can not only enjoy his tunes passively, but actually create their own warped‐out swoops and
blorps, just by tapping the CD case.

The album comes in 3 editions with the one featured above $50 delivered or $60 for international people like me. Good to think the majority of that will go right to the artist.

Moldover Standard Edition
Moldover Pocket Edition

I normally comment on the bands website on how it relates to the album artwork but the less said about Moldovers’s site the better. It’s functional at least.

I do like that he has put some real effort into putting videos on Youtube.

Here’s an album preview from over a year ago.

Here’s Moldover explaining his technique. Check out his Youtube channel for even more.

I love the DIY feel of this and just like my Night Vision Googles I ordered for CODMW2 I’m a sucker for unique and cool gadgets. This is much better than a well designed, yet unoriginal, booklet. Engagent commented saying “Sure it sounds a bit like you’re squeezing air through a pinched balloon and it costs $50 ($10 for CD-only or $25 for a Pocket Edition), but hey, give this guy some credit for innovation.” And I agree. Moldover, without the aid of a record label has created a news worthy album innovation and will hopefully get attention for an album that would have otherwise gone unnoticed to those not already fans.

I did enjoy listening to Moldover’s music although I should try and sample it at time other than midnight though as my brain enjoys more Boards of Canada during these late hours.

Side Note:It’s probably just me but Moldover looks to me like the love child of Trent Reznor, Screech from Saved by the Bell and Criss Angel.

Theremin’s Suck?
So still not sold on how cool Theremins are? Maybe these videos will convince you. I’m breaking one out at the next Xmas party.

How about the Mario Bros Theme

Seriously though what person would not smile if you broke out the Mario Bros theme. It’d have to be at a funeral not to get a smile and a WTF! out of everyone in the place.

Too geeky? How about Gnarles Barkey’s Crazy on a Theremin? You’d be crazy not to love this one!

Just how cool do you have to be to play the Theremin? This cool…

You could also just make your own but that looks like more work than doing the dishes so I’d rather just buy one

Now I just need to scrape the $500+ to buy an official Moog Theremin. and start pissing the neighbours off.

Are there any other albums with a working instrument as part of the packaging? The White Stripe’s Triple Inchphones don’t count.