Money Mark: Brand New By Tomrorow

It’s a shame this is album isn’t actually that good (it’s no Push the Button) as I really like the cover. The wooden boom box created by Todd St. John and Gary Benzel of Hunter Gatherer & Green Lady fame. In fact Hunter Gatherer have done some amazing work (a lot featuring wood) so be sure to check out their site.

The wooden boom box was originally created for the Giant Robot ANNIVERSARY SHOW back in 2004.

What I liked best about the cover was the back and the CD print. It shows the designers thought about the entire package and not just the cover. The thin hand drawn type adds a nice touch to it.

Money Mark: Brand New By Tomorrow Back

Money Mark: Brand New By Tomrorow CD

I’d love to have this wooden stereo in our foyer at the office. And while we’re dreaming get them to do up a set of wooden decks, guitar and keyboard too.

Update: I forgot that µ-Ziq had wooden record player on his “In Pine Effect” album of 1995.
µ-Ziq - In Pine Effect