New Order: Waiting for the Sirens’ Call

We posted four black covers in a row so I thought it nice for a lighter change.

What I liked about this simple execution was it’s periodic table feel. I guess New Order have influenced so man other bands they are part of the musical building blocks. (Deep I know)

It’d actually be interesting to plot the influential bands of the last 50 years on a periodic table. Note to self for that one.

The back of the CD booklet reversed the design. Although the N isn’t flipped for some reason.

New Order: Waiting for the Sirens’ Call Back

They also released promo versions of the CD and the Jet Stream single using a single letter this time.

New Order: Waiting for the Sirens’ Call Promo Covers

What I found weird while researching this was that the 7″ albums took an entirely different artistic approach. I guess Peter and the guys at Saville Associates got bored with just Helvectica Neue?

The vinyl singles have a series of photos of a naked women in a river with varying degrees of blur, which seems to be another trait of New Order’s visual style.

New Order: Waiting for the Sirens’ Call Vinyl

And they all came in this simple fold out vinyl holder.

New Order: Waiting for the Sirens’ Call Vinyl Booklet

The image is actually an Eliot Elisofon photo of a naked Tahitian as she sits in a river and places a flower in her hair, Tahiti, French Polynesia, 1954.

Tahitian women Eliot Elisofon

That’s Getty’s description. I’m guessing the image is meant to invoke a feeling that she is a siren of the sea?

Eliot’s work is all over Getty as he used to shoot for Life magazine back in the 50s. This image was part of a series from an article in Life from their Jan 1955 issue.

Life Cover 1955

While definitely not their most famous album cover, it is the most graphically simple and they certainly would have saved on printing costs :)