Nirvana: Nevermind

One of the most enduring covers of all time and proof in the power of photography and music. I was also interested to see the same designer for this Robbert Fisher also designed Odeley for Beck. As art director at Geffen he must have touched on many great albums in his time and sadly has little web presence to link up.

If you’re wondering what the kid is up to these days then look no further, Spender Elden is still around (I wonder if he’s on Myspace?) The photo was taken at a local swimming pool after stock photography proved too costly. And for $200 they got all the shots they needed.

Spenser Elden

Kurt had originally liked photos of himself for the cover (in some arty photo not naked in the pool) but thankfully better ideas came forward from the man himself.

Here’s Weird Al’s take on the cover.

Weird Al Nirvana: Off the Deepend

And The Simpsons leave no pop icon alone.

Homer Nirvana

I went with the penis visible version here for authenticity.

Bart Nirvana