Orbital Altogether UK Blue

It’s interesting that what a band wears during their live gigs becomes a trademark. I guess Kiss worked this way too.

This cover which features two skulls (Paul and Phil Hartnoll actual X-rays) wearing headlights in a Skull & Cross bones design feels like a metal cover and not the usual slick imagery we see for Electronica bands.

Also if you’re into X-Ray photos (and not the voyeur kind) then check out Albert Koetsier’s X-Rayography.

Orbital became known for wearing head mounted lights during live gigs which probably started more as a practical thing. How else will they see all the knobs? Although Spanish DJ Chimo Bayo (not related to Scott Baio) claims he originated the trend.

Here’s half of Orbital.
Orbital Live

And here’s Chimo Bayo.
Chimo Bayo Photo

The US 2 disc version was coloured red. Probably for no other reason than it looks tougher.

Orbital Altogether US Red

This is another Farrow Design cover who are still producing some of the nicest work I’ve seen out of the UK and making my job easier on Sleevage by having a huge portfolio of music work to draw from.

Off Topic:
And just because I love The Simpsons and this is what came up a lot when searching for X-Ray Skull here’s Homer Simpson’s skull X-Ray.

Homer Simpson Xray