Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power 500 wide

This has to be one of the best examples of a cover perfectly conveying the content of the music contained on the album, which in this case is a shitload of aggression. Sure a majority of metal covers have alot of dark and violent themes but it seems many take it for granted, like it’s a given for a metal cover to come across this way. But this cover does it in such a simplistic and timeless way and for me with a slight twist of humor. Vulgar Display Of Power is regarded as a classic and Pantera’s best, and i always wonder does a classic album transform it’s cover into a classic as well.

It’s a shame they decided to follow such a great cover with such a lame and obvious one as the cover for Far Beyond Driven. Although i guess once their original concept for the album (WARNING:this cover may offend) was banned the care factor dropped.

Pantera: Far Beyond Driven Front CD cover

A Vulgar Display Of Hairspray:
Pantera glaming it up in the 80′s

Glam Pantera 3
Glam Pantera 4Glam Pantera 2

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And one for the ladies:

Art Direction: Bob Defrin, Design: Larry Freemantle, Cover photo: Brad Guice