Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples

Paul Kelly’s Stolen Apples cover might not instantly grab you by the short and curleys and say “BUY ME!” it does compliment the album perfectly and the work that has gone into the rest of the pack is a testiment to the hard work Debaser put into all their projects.

Debaser were kind enough to send us some of the sketch and work in progress pieces for the album. I also remember hearing Dave say that it was his mum who did the final illustration for the cover. I’ll get the full story soon.

Here’s Dave’s comments about each element.

“Paul wanted to base the artwork on the lyric ‘Stolen Apples taste the Sweetest” from the title track. The first series of rough illustrations we sent him were much too light and sweet looking. He wanted a more dangerous and sinister look”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch
Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch 2

I initially thought these were lino cut prints (like the Thom Yorke cover) but they were just inked from the illustration. You can see on the sketches Linocut was given the thumbs up early on.

“This was the original rough sketch on the new idea, with the kids older and balancing on the wall at night, obviously stealing the apples. They’re being watched by a shape in one of the windows.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch 3

“The final sketch before ink and colouring, using a vague ‘woodcut’ style.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch Final

It’s around this part of the feature I refer to the band’s website and say how it’s nice the cover artwork has been carried across. Sadly it looks like the budget for Paul Kelly’s website was spent setting up a Myspace page.

“Each of the 10 songs had it’s own illustration page with an image inspired by the lyrics. We wanted the whole package to have a very hand drawn feel, so drew everything by hand, including the title text and record company logos. The only thing that wasn’t hand drawn were the lyrics.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch Pages
Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch Tracklist

“Even the images of Paul and the guys in his band were hand drawn instead of using photos.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Sketch Band

Check the guy in the top right. It’s Bono’s brother?! haha

“These are some of the final booklet pages. It was packaged in a book style digipack and followed the look and feel of a story book throughout.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Pages

“The success of the record led to the shows being filmed and released as a DVD. This was packaged as a limited edition hard-cover book with a 40 page book, and 2 discs.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples DVD

“We had a slightly different look to the pages, and included live photos of the band as well as new illustrations.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Band Photo

“No lyrics were included in this package, so we did full page illustrations for the tracks instead of the border illustrations.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples Booklet pages

“The discs continued the theme.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples DVD Discs

“The final package, we loved working on this one and it turned out pretty awesome.”

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples DVD Pack

I can imagine this being a great present for any Paul Kelly fan. I want my face illustrated like a linocut now.